The problem solvers behind your aftercare.
The problem solvers behind your aftercare.

We offer resolution services to UK businesses, utilising human, technology, and data resources to not only resolve issues, but to enable ongoing preventative techniques and strategies across multiple industries.

Resolution specialists

With our expertise, innovation, and experience, we support organisations and consumers to resolve any complaints, disputes or claims quickly, fairly and with as little stress as possible.

There are better ways to mitigate against risk.
There are better ways to mitigate against risk.

Our capabilities

Our services support the end-to-end management of issues when things go wrong with a home improvement or renewable energy project. You may be surprised to see how much just goes into managing things when they go wrong, not just for organisations but also for your customers.

Dispute resolution

Reliable resolution experts. Swift, impartial dispute solutions for businesses and consumers. Nationwide coverage, ensuring fairness and saving time. Join us for hassle-free conflict resolution.

Complaint resolution

Tailored end-to-end complaint management, relieving your business from internal burdens. Over 10 years of sector expertise, fast resolutions, brand protection, and cost savings. Elevate your complaint handling with us.

Claims assistance

Streamlined end-to-end claims solution for home improvement sectors. Swift triage, elite contractors, transparent fees. Elevate efficiency, partner with us for exceptional customer satisfaction.

Debt recovery

Simplified recovery process through expert mediation. Preserve reputation, save time and costs. Focus on growth. Effective debt resolution that fosters communication, safeguards reputation, and ensures financial stability.

Expert determination

Swift and authoritative solutions by industry experts. Our panel of independent professionals offers legally binding decisions tailored to your industry, ensuring cost-effective resolutions in just 26 days.

Repair and maintenance

Our expansive UK contractor network connects you to trusted professionals for exceptional home improvement and renewable energy services. Fast, accredited, and nationwide coverage with guaranteed results.

Quality assurance

Innovative video inspections ensure impeccable workmanship. Remote assessments save time, while on-site inspections provide comprehensive evaluation. Swift issue resolution maintains work quality, giving PLC retailers peace of mind.

Remote assistance

Instant, location-independent support revolutionising remote assistance. Augmented reality enables quick, informed solutions. On-site integration enhances efficiency. Stay at the forefront of technology with us for superior problem-solving.

Wouldn’t you rather have foresight than hindsight?
Wouldn’t you rather have foresight than hindsight?

The facts


First response SLA


Annual dispute resolution capacity

5.6 days

Average dispute resolution time

26 days

Average end-to-end resolution cycle including repairs


Dispute resolution success rate


Average client saving per Section 75 claim


Annual claims management capacity


Disputes escalated to litigation in the last 3 years
Think of us  as prevention, not just qure.
Think of us  as prevention, not just qure.

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