Leading home improvement company

Leading home improvement company



Client Description:

One of the UK's most famous PLC brands in home improvement hired Qure Group to support them with outsourcing, executive level complaint management.                

The problem:

Having spent a number of years offshoring and onshoring their executive level complaint management, the client felt that previous providers did not have the technical knowledge to deal with high level, installation issues.

The solution:

Qure deployed a range of services to support the client, knowing that multiple services were required to meet the expectations of the brand. These services needed to be able to resolve high level complaints, as well as help to prevent them in the first place, bring down the overall volumes.

Services included outsourced complaint handling, repair and inspection services, claims assistance, remote triage capability and post installation quality checks.

Why Qure Group:        

Qure Group were contacted due to our specialism within the home improvement market, along with overarching experience of managing issues generated through multiple channels such as claims, complaints and disputes.