Major fenestration client

Major fenestration client



Client Description:

In 2021, we launched a new partnership with a major Fenestration client to introduce our Dispute Assist product to their members. Dispute Assist is an innovative and pre-event service which gives businesses access to industry-leading alternative dispute resolution (ADR for short) at a nominal and all-inclusive price.

The problem:

The consumer was unhappy with the installation of windows with a contract value of £3,240. She complained to the company claiming that the company had not carried out the installation with due care, attention and to a high standard. The consumer wanted the whole installation of 13 window panels completely removed and replaced. Over the course of a month after the initial installation, emotions and frustrations escalated on both sides, with the consumer withholding full payment, and with both sides threatening legal action. Both parties agreed to work with Qure group's Dispute Assist providing impartial mediation to find a fair resolution.

The solution:

Tracy Dilworth, our Senior Dispute Resolution Officer, worked with both parties using mediation to focus them on the facts and distinct areas of dispute.

We dissuaded them from the time and cost of them both obtaining further expert reports, instead, we used our combination of in-depth fenestration knowledge and our state of-the-art video remote capture technology to be able to view live the issues in dispute.

Once the evidence was gathered, through our independent guidance, we used mediation and conciliation to enable the parties to reach a mutually agreed resolution, which included a combination of a timescale of remedial works to be completed by the company and an agreed payment from the customer for the installation.

Why Qure Group:        

From instruction to resolution, Qure Group achieved resolution within just 4 days.


In line with the agreement, remedial work was then carried out and the consumer paid the agreed balance. Both parties have expressed they would not have reached a fair resolution without the help of Qure Group and how delighted they were with the speed and professionalism of our ADR service.

Client feedback:

"After one of our customers refused to pay and was very uncooperative, we were advised to try mediation from Qure Group.

We were very sceptical at first as with all our dealings with our customer we saw no possible way of anybody getting through to her, but as we were not getting paid what was the harm in trying? From the first meeting with Tracy, she put us at ease and made us feel that there could be hope of us getting resolution.

With all our correspondence with Tracy she has remained professional and helpful and intent on getting an amicable outcome.

It took a while to get there as trying to get everybody in the same place at the same time was a bit of a nightmare, but I'm pleased to say that today the final balance has cleared, and full payment has been received. Thank you, Tracy!

We wouldn't hesitate in recommending this service to anybody who made need it in the future. Thanks again Tracy and in the nicest possible way we hope we don't have to deal with you again."