One of the UK's largest banks


Client Description:

One of the UK's largest banks contacted Qure Group to consult with them on the state of the UK renewable energy market.

The problem:

With a legacy claims book plus pressure to consider lending again within the renewable energy sector, the client wanted Qure to consult with them on how to correct issues of the past and safeguard themselves against future claims within the renewable energy sector.

The solution:

Qure embarked on a large piece of consultancy work, engaging with a range of experts and accessing both privately and publicly available information sources to produce a substantial information and advisory document to support the lender with its aspirations.          

Why Qure Group:

Qure Group were commissioned for this piece of work due to our record and reputation within the renewable energy market for validating claims and providing an excellent remedial works service. We have one of the largest contractor networks in the UK, specialising in renewable energy technology repair.


Following receipt of the report, the document was utilised aboard decision making level, and distributed globally across all the lender’s main divisions as an information and reference point for renewable energy.